Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kajang Hash at Facebook now ....

Dear hashers and friends,

A glimpse of our recent KH3 activities, you may visit our Kajang Hash House Harriers (Group) on facebook for more contents.

Please feel free to join in to get the latest weekly update on our activities.

On On !!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

KC's Memorial Run Cheque Presentation Ceremony

KC's Memorial Run Cheque Presentation Ceremony @ Broga, 10/12/11 (Saturday) 5.00pm; in conjunction with run 1217.
Members are encourage to presence early at the run-site.

4.30pm Light Refreshment
5.00pm GM/OC speech
5.15pm Cheque presentation/ photo session by media
6.00pm Run start.
(credit to Rhino - KH3 Member)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Memorial Run Thank you note

TQ TQ TQ, I cant stop repeating because the hashing communities have once again contribute a noble gesture by making our KC-Memorial Run a great success.

Their warm heartedness and contributions toward KC funds have taken the most hardcore hashers by surprise.
I am deeply touch by them. A very BIG HAND to all hashiers, friends and participating chapters from near and far......On On
Quote: KH3 GM-Peanut King
Memorial Run Photos (by KH3 - Rhino)
MR Photos 1
MR Photos 2

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Memorial cum Donation Run - Kai Chung

We Hash We Care

In remembrance of Kai Chung, our Chapter will be hosting Memorial cum Donation Run.

Kai Chung was a member of our house since 3rd April 2004 but God chose to take him away from us on 2nd July 2011.

Date of Run : 06/11/2011 (Sunday - Public Holiday)
Run site: Bandar Technology Kajang
Time: 6:00 PM
Registration: RM60/pax
Donation: Any amounts are welcome

T-Shirt will be given out, some light food and limited beverages will be served as we intend to save the bulk of the registration fees and donations for the deceased family.

On On !

Organising Chairman : Raymond SMC (012 378 6293)
Co-Organising Chairman: Fun Toong (013 338 8236)
Co-Organising Chairman: 7-Eleven (016 291 8533)

We Run & We Care

Erected 2011/2012 Dis-Organised Committee

Herein 7 Top post result AGM Run 27/08/2011

Peanut King (012 334 1737)

Joint Mistress
Suzie Q (012 335 6888)

Joint Master
Simon ABC (016 331 8228)

On Sec
Raymond SMC (012 378 6293)

On Cash
Choo Lin (016 335 1006)

Hash Audit
Or Toh Toh (016 273 2899)
Or Tit Tit (012 632 8166)